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We list here the music offerings of “Music Publications” by Louise Pratt.  Most of this music is for Harp, Harp with accompaniment, and some choir and other arrangements.  Some of the more popular Music Publications offerings are the Harp instruction or method books, as well as Christmas and religious arrangements.

The music listings are arranged by category, and each publication is rated as to difficulty, from easy (E), to medium (M), and to medium-difficult (MD).  Some listings have a range of difficulty, which have the difficulty range separated by a hyphen.  For example:  “E-MD”.  The letter “L” indicates that the music is appropriate for lever harps, and the letter “P” indicates music for pedal harps.  The price is listed in the last column.


Ordering Instructions:  You may order music by sending us an e-mail, or by calling directly.  Note:  The e-mail address below to order music is not the same as our business inquiry e-mail address.  If you order music to our business inquiry e-mail address, we will forward your order to the e-mail address below (Louise Pratt).

You may place a telephone order either at our Harp Company (435) 835-3541, or better by calling Louise Pratt directly at (435) 835-8233.  Your music will be mailed to you with an enclosed bill.  If you need to ask a specific question about the content of a publication, or inquire about the difficulty or technical nature of a music publication, we refer you to Louise Pratt at the second phone number above, or at her e-mail here: 




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Notice:  Prices may be changed without notice.

I have tried to keep my prices as low as possible.  Will you please respond by not using the copy machine for extra copies?  Thank you very much for your cooperation!  — Louise





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